About me

Hi! I am Tulip and I'm a destination Vacation photographer, based in one of the most visited city in Europe - Budapest, Hungary. 

I love capturing beautiful moments and meeting people from all over the world. My goal is to make you comfortable during the photo-shoot, so you can be as natural on the pictures as possible.

I also cover engagement and pre-wedding shoots, honeymoon and anniversary sessions, family photoshoots  even solo portraits and just for fun photo sessions..

MY STYLE IS TIMELESS My images are airy, romantic and ethereal and the colors are soft. My editing is natural, because I want your photos to be timeless and elegant, like they belong to a magazine and at the same time bring joy to your family and future generations.

"Hire me as your personal vacation photographer 

to capture you and who you love. 

I hope we’ll meet soon and begin our adventure!"

TULIP  SUJEERA, English and Thai -speaking photographer

Email : contact@tulipsujeera.com

WA : + 36 30 885 9199