Sarah Lauren Estelle

2 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.


In a word: FANTASTIC!

I cannot recommend this tour enough. Tulip is by far the BEST photographer I've ever worked with, and I do these types of things a few times a year.


She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, even going to the store at 8:00 am to buy hairspray for me because I forgot to bring mine. Even before the shoot, she asked me what I wanted and made recommendations that I wouldn't have thought of myself, including outfit changes and helping me pick what accessories looked best with my look!!!...


I felt SO comfortable during the shoot and she helped guide me so that my poses looked great. Honestly, these are the best pictures I've ever taken (seriously). I felt confident and comfortable and that really came through in the pics. She also edited them very quickly and uploaded a few at a time so I didn't have to wait too long for them.


If/when I ever go back I'm definitely calling Tulip! Seriously, book her. You won't regret it.


Themy Family

4 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.


Perfect experience with Tulip.

My husband and I, together with our young kids (6 yo and 2yo) were very happy with Tulip!!!...She didn’t only take pictures of us, but also introducing us the beautiful places in Budapest. Session with Tulip was longer than expected because we have to follow the kids’ pace, but Tulip is still energized to cover all the beautiful spots.


Thank you Tulip



Day Trip 10 Hours, Budapest Private Tours


ใครไปเที่ยวยุโรป แล้วอยากได้รูปคู่รูปเดี่ยวรูปหมู่สวยๆ!!!...พร้อมไกด์พาเที่ยว รวมค่าเดินทาง ของว่าง อาหารพื้นเมือง ติดต่อได้นะคะ ตากล้องน่ารักมาก มี ref มีมุมที่อยากได้ก็รีเควสได้เลย ไม่หยิ่ง อารมณ์เหมือนไปเดินเที่ยวกับเพื่อนแต่แบบมีคนตามถ่ายรูปให้ด้วย ดีงามค่ะ ชอบบบบบบบ ให้ดูสภาพตัวเองทันทีหลังกล้องด้วย จะได้แก้ทันเผื่อยังไม่ชอบ แล้วก็...ได้รูปเร็วกว่าที่คิดมากเว่อออ!



3 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.

Tulips expertise as a photographer, her choice of locations and angles, as well as her advice on poses made the photo shoot a very pleasant experience. I am glad I chose her service and can only recommend it!



Day Trip 10 Hours, Budapest Private Tours


Amazing experience with Tulip! After I decided to travel solo to Budapest I booked with Tulip for a photoshoot. It turned out to be much more than a photoshoot but also a whole happy experience!!!...


Tulip not only took photos for me ( she is super patient and very accomodating ) but also she customised the tour to suit my style better, she also suggests very good spots for a perfect photogenic portrait!!!...


If you decide to come to Budapest either solo or couple, I strongly recommend you to book with Tulip, she’ll not let you down with her hospitality and professional skills.



2 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.


Fantastic time, she was very helpful and talented!


Christina Solaris

2 Hours PROFESSIONAL Photo shoot in Budapest.


This photoshoot was beyond my wildest hopes. You never know what you're going to get when you book a photographer ... But I was incredibly positively surprised by my experience with Tulip.


She has a real passion for photography and frames her shots so beautifully. 


I had hoped I would get a handful of usable shots from our photoshoot, but ended up with dozens and dozens of gorgeous usable photos! 


She was generous, kind, patient, and enthusiastic. She helped me style my photos and position properly. She caught things I didn't even know she was snapping!


I've never felt so beautiful and she captured me perfectly even though we had just barely met. She made me feel like a star. 


Tulip has a real talent and a heart of gold and she will make magic with your photos!


Akari, Japan

2 Hours Sunrise Photo shoot in Budapest.


Thank you very much for lots of beautiful pictures! It’s more than I’ve expected.I really like them all^^ what a cool pictures!

You made me feel comfortable and confident at the same time, I enjoyed the shooting with you.

Thank you for your kind consideration as always!


Sylfie Graca Family

2 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.

So far so good. The photos are Amazing.

We will pass your number to our friends whenever they visit Budapest. Thanks a lot, you done a brilliant job.



4 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.


The photo tour with Tulip was better than expected : I say that because I usually don’t feel confident enough when people take pictures of me, but Tulip made me feel good. She made me laugh and helped me find the perfect pose. She’s a pro in what she is doing and we shooted longer than expected and saw so many great locations. Meeting early was perfect, cause almost no people were around. I would recommend this tour 100% :)


Thank you so much for making my day so special :)



2 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.


I'm very happy with the photos. They are beautiful. This has been the best experience and I thank you for that. I wish I could take you on every trip with me now.

White Flowers

Couple Photo Shoots

( Private Photos )

1 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.

30,000 HUF A small gift from us, thanks a lot i really appreciate your work , and I'm so happy that my girlfriend liked it also which means a lot to me, thank you again.


Rafaela & Andre

Day Trip 10 Hours, Budapest Private Tours


I Love it Our day! It was so special. You made one of my dreams come true. We've a wonderful day with her, a pacience, kind and great photographer. Tulip, You are the best. I love all of the edit photos. I have no words to thank you enough.

Thanks Tulip.!



4 Hours Vacation Photo shoot in Budapest.

Best vacation photographer in Budapest.

Being photographed by Tulip was the highlight of my trip to Budapest. Thanks to Tulip, I was able to see all my favourite landmarks in Budapest in one day and have amazing professional photos to commemorate my first trip to Hungary.


Tulip is warm and friendly, professional and punctual – She is a Budapest expert and I loved all the photos she took for me. It was the best decision to choose her as my vacation photographer because she knows the best locations and lighting at famous landmarks – which make for wonderful Instagram posts!


I am not a professional model and had no experience of being in front of the camera, but Tulip made me feel very comfortable, giving me guided instructions on how to pose for photos and advice on finding my best angles. She gave me so much confidence and I had a lot of fun in the end! Tulip makes the extra effort to ensure that you are a happy with the photos she is taking, regularly checking in with you and showing you previews of the shots she has taken so far. She was very patient and determined to get the right shot!


Photos by Tulip make the best souvenirs and are a special way of remembering my vacation. The next day, Tulip sent over 500 photos and gave me the choice of which photos I wanted for retouching by her.


I highly recommend booking Tulip as a Personal Photographer! If I return to Budapest, I am definitely booking her again. Thank you Tulip!


Elizabeth M, Oakland, CA

3 Hours Sunrise Photo shoot in Budapest.


Tulip is a creative photographer that has a great eye for capturing some amazing sights in Budapest from unique angels. I had actually been to some of these sites before, but Tulip looked at these places from a unique perspective that has made for some eye-catching photographs. I had to wake up really early to make it to the sunrise shoot and plan for more time via public transportation than other times during the day, but it was definitely worth it to get some amazing shots of Budapest with the sun just coming up. Tulip is also a great guide of Budapest and very welcoming.